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Face Detection

Introducing our Face Detection API: Unleash the Power of Precise Face Localization and Mask Detection

Welcome to our cutting-edge Face Detection API! With our API, you can effortlessly detect faces in images and accurately locate their positions. Additionally, our API goes above and beyond by providing advanced mask detection capabilities, enabling you to determine whether a detected face is wearing a mask or not. Whether you are building facial recognition systems, surveillance applications, or any other face-related solution, our Face Detection API is here to deliver superior performance and valuable insights.

Key Features

  1. Accurate Face Localization: Our API utilizes advanced algorithms to precisely identify and locate faces within images, providing bounding boxes that outline the detected faces.
  2. Mask Detection: Beyond face detection, our API can determine whether a detected face is wearing a mask or not, enabling you to enforce mask-wearing protocols effectively.
  3. Real-Time Processing: Experience fast and real-time face detection and mask analysis, making our API suitable for time-critical applications.
  4. Multi-Face Detection: Detect multiple faces in a single image simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage in group settings.
  5. Robust and Reliable: Our face detection and mask detection models are trained on diverse datasets, making them robust to various lighting conditions, orientations, and facial appearances.
  6. User-Friendly API: Seamlessly integrate our API into your existing applications or systems with our straightforward and well-documented API endpoints.
  7. Non-Persistence of Request Data: We do not store any of the text sent in the request on our servers. Once the API processes the request and returns the response, the text data is immediately discarded. This ensures that your Japanese text data remains confidential and is not retained after processing.

Use Cases

  • Facial Recognition Systems: Enhance the capabilities of your facial recognition systems by precisely detecting and localizing faces in images, providing the foundation for accurate identification and verification.
  • Mask Compliance Monitoring: Monitor public places, workplaces, or events to ensure mask-wearing compliance, aiding in safety and health measures during times of pandemic or other health concerns.
  • Surveillance and Security: Strengthen security systems by automatically detecting faces in real-time surveillance feeds and determining whether individuals are wearing masks.
  • Emotion Analysis: Combine face detection with emotion analysis to gain insights into people's reactions and emotional responses in various scenarios.
  • Retail Analytics: Analyze customer behavior and demographics by detecting and counting faces in retail environments, providing valuable data for marketing and business strategies.

Form Data

FieldData TypeDescription
filebytesImage that is used for detecting face location


FieldData TypeDescription
status_codeintHTTP response code
resultobjectFace Detection result
message_errorstringMessage error (if exists)