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Bill Extraction

Introducing the Bill Information Extraction API!

The Bill Extraction API helps extract information about entities present in bills.

Key Features

  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Convert bill information from images into machine-readable computer format.
  2. Bill Content Aggregation: After being recognized, the content of the bill is categorized into various sections such as name, address, phone number, product list, etc.
  3. Extracting Table Information: Product table data is extracted and organized into HTML and JSON formats.

Use Cases

  • Automated Data Entry: Convert scanned bill images into formats such as .doc, .csv, etc.
  • Expense Management App: Just snap a picture of a receipt, and the app will use the API to pull out details like items bought and prices. It then seamlessly updates expense record without any manual effort.
  • Automated Bill Information Verification: Automatically authenticate details related to the company, address, tax identification number, etc.

Form Data

FieldData TypeDescription
filebytesA bill image file
languagetextA language needed for recognition, with accepted values being: en for English, jp for Japanese, vi for Vietnamese.


FieldData TypeDescription
status_codeintHTTP response code
resultobjectBill extraction result
message_errorstringMessage error (if exists)