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Text Detection

Introducing The Next-Level Text Detection with Polygon Precisionn The API Text Detection helps extract information about the position of each line of text in image files.

Key Features

  1. Polygon Precision: Providing detection results in the form of polygons. This detection format ensures more accurate localization of the text, even in complex layouts.
  2. Multilingual Competence: PolyText Vision API is language-agnostic, capable of detecting text in various languages, enabling you to process multilingual content with ease.
  3. Swift Response Times: Experience rapid text detection with our high-performance infrastructure. Even with multiple images or large-scale tasks, PolyText Vision API delivers lightning-fast responses.

Use Cases

  • Document Digitization: Effortlessly digitize text from documents, simplifying content indexing, search, and archival processes.
  • Image Annotation: Enhance image understanding by extracting and annotating text polygons for accurate image context analysis.
  • Text Extraction: Automate text extraction from photographs, enabling efficient data retrieval from images.
  • Geospatial Analysis: Utilize text polygons in geospatial applications to identify and process text-based information within maps and satellite imagery.

Form Data

FieldData TypeDescription
filebyteImage which is used for text detection


FieldData TypeDescription
status_codeintHTTP response code
resultobjectText Detection result
message_errorstringMessage error (if exists)