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Sentiment Analysis

Introducing Sentiment Analysis API!

Sentiment Analysis is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where models are trained to analyze and understand emotions from human natural language. It is widely used in analyzing customer reviews of products, services, or brands, helping businesses grasp customer perceptions and make more accurate business decisions.

Key Features

  1. Emotion Analysis: Each sentence in the paragraph is analyzed and categorized into emotion groups such as positive, negative, or neutral
  2. Continuous Updates: As NLP techniques advance, the Sentiment Analysis API will adapt and improve to incorporate the latest enhancements, ensuring optimal performance and high accuracy.

Use Cases

  • Employee Feedback Analysis: The API can be used to analyze feedback from employee surveys. This can provide insights into employees' perceptions of various aspects of the company, such as work-life balance, management, company culture, etc.
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Evaluating customer feedback on e-commerce websites or customer surveys to gauge overall sentiment and identify areas for improvement.
  • Market Analysis: Assessing public opinions on new products, services, or market trends to provide information for business strategy and decision-making.

Form Data

FieldData TypeDescription
filebytesA employee evaluation xlsx file in Vietnamese


FieldData TypeDescription
status_codeintHTTP response code
resultobjectSentiment analysis result
message_errorstringMessage error (if exists)